Crowns are generally meant to be used in three circumstances.

  1. To protect endodontically or root canal treated teeth. After root canal treatment, teeth become very fragile and are prone to fracture. Crowns minimize the chance of fracture.
  2. Heavily restored teeth or teeth with large fillings. The remaining tooth structure is prone to fracture due to the size of the fillings.
  3. Cracks in a tooth, if contained in the crown of the tooth, can be protected by using a crown. In this case patients usually complain of pain on biting, particularly when they bite in a specific direction with a certain type of food.
  4. Eshthetics of patient’s front teeth. In this case patients are unhappy with the shape/color/shade of their front teeth, or if there is mild spacing or crowding, crowns can be used to correct these issues.

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