Success Stories

Misaligned Teeth – Tory

Tory wasn’t happy with her crowded arches, misaligned teeth, and a blocked outright incisor.

Dr. Krebs helped create her beautiful smile using traditional braces followed by cosmetic bleaching.

Treatment took about 18 months.

Teeth Splotches – Rick

Rick was unhappy with the look of his smile. Some of his teeth showed white and yellow “splotches”. His previous history of fillings made his teeth look “old and tired”. The heights of his teeth were also irregular, and detracted from his overall smile.

Dr. Krebs achieved this excellent result with a combination of cosmetic bleaching, bonded Porcelain veneers, and bonded Porcelain crowns.

Rick is very happy with the ensuing result.

Teeth Discoloration – Quoc

Quoc suffers from heavy, dark discolouration from the antibiotic Tetracycline, taken as a young child. He also had an end-to-end bite which brings about an accelerated wear of his front teeth. He also had some “dishing out” of the enamel on his teeth.

Dr. Huynh achieved this wonderful smile with a combination of cosmetic bleaching, and bonded Porcelain Veneers.

Total treatment time was about 1 to 2 weeks.

Teeth Color – Millie

Millie was unhappy with the colour of her teeth. Also, the recession and “notches” in her roots detracted from her smile. Dr. Krebs started by a simple routine of “at home” bleaching. This resulted in a general lightening of the body of her teeth. Then, direct composite bonding completed her smile. Much of this work can be accomplished without freezing.

Misaligned Teeth – Mike

Mike had only slightly misaligned teeth, with some rotations and crowding.

He had small upper lateral incisors which resulted in gaps of the upper front teeth.

Dr. Krebs achieved this smile using a combination of traditional braces and cosmetic bonding of the upper incisors, once the orthodontic treatment was complete.

Treatment took about 18 months.

Misaligned Teeth – Katelyn

Katelyn was unhappy with her crowded arches, misaligned teeth, her anterior open bite and a blocked out left incisor.

Dr. Krebs used a functional appliance with traditional braces, followed by cosmetic bleaching, to create Katelyn’s beautiful smile.

Treatment took about 18 months.

Open Bite – Jill

Jill has always had beautiful looking teeth. However, due to a retained tongue thrust, she has always had an anterior open bite, preventing her upper and lower anterior teeth from contacting.

Dr Huynh achieved this beautiful result using traditional braces and cosmetic bleaching.

Treatment was completed in about 14 months. Jill is thrilled with the look of her smile.

Ground Teeth – Jennifer M.

Jennifer always had very nice looking teeth. She had braces when she was younger and her orthodontist ground the ends of her front teeth. This flattening left her with a more “masculine” look than what her smile deserved.

Dr Krebs achieved this excellent result by Porcelain Veneer bonding. This made her front teeth slightly longer, with rounder corners, resulting in a beautiful, more “feminine” smile.

Treatment time took about 2 weeks.

Teeth Alignment – Chris

  • Chris was unhappy with the spacing between his upper teeth, as well as the uneven appearance caused by some slight misalignments.
  • Dr. Huynh achieved an excellent result through the combination of cosmetic bleaching and bonded Porcelain veneers.
  • Chris is very pleased with his smile which took about 2 weeks to complete, without freezing and temporary teeth.

Teeth Gaps – Jennifer

Jennifer disliked two aspects of her smile:

  • Her upper front teeth were very rectangular and long. They did not have the rounded contours that we would have liked.
  • Her upper front teeth were also quite narrow, producing gaps in her smile.

Dr. Huynh achieved this beautiful result using bonded Porcelain veneers.

Treatment didn’t require freezing or temporary crowns and took between 1 and 2 weeks.

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