Missing Teeth

A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. In this treatment option, the dentist will have to prepare both teeth at the front and back of the empty space, placing a crown on both, while adding a fake crown to cover the empty space.

In order to replace missing teeth, both implants and bridges are valid treatment options. Sometimes implants are not a good option due to financial concerns, a patient’s medical history or social habits, or the patient may not be interested in doing surgeries. Furthermore, the whole implant process takes about 6 months to complete, whereas bridge fabrication is almost immediate.

Bridge fabrication requires two appointments. In the first appointment, the teeth are prepared and an accurate impression is taken and sent to the lab. The lab will fabricate a bridge, and within 2 weeks, the bridge can be cemented by the dentist. Between the appointments, the patient has a temporary bridge that is made chairside by the dentist.

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