Periowave is an advanced laser treatment we provide at Eastbridge Dental Care. Periowave is a quick and painless technology that works to kill the bacteria associated with periodontal disease, without the promotion of antibiotic resistance.

One of the first signs of gum disease is bleeding, which indicates inflammation. For patients suffering from bleeding gums, laser utilizes a non-thermal laser light to activate a photosensitizing solution designed to kill bacteria, which halts the progression of the disease and allows healing to begin. Patients usually see a difference in bleeding after the first or second session.

Periowave can also be used to treat cold sores. It dries the lesion when the laser is placed above the site, and lowers the duration of the lesion.

Keep in mind that laser is completely safe to use in a dental setting, and has a lot of advantages for the patients. If you have Deep gum pockets, gum inflammation or bleeding, tooth sensitivity, persistent bad breath, ask our dentists or hygienists for more details.

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