Wisdom Tooth Extractions

About Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Waterloo, ON

Did you know that the average mouth can comfortably accommodate only 28 teeth? By the age of 18, most adults will develop a total of 32 teeth – an additional four molars known as wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars to come in. While there are some people whose wisdom teeth are perfectly healthy and won’t cause issues for their smile, for most, wisdom teeth will need to be extracted.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Usually Need To Be Extracted?

When the wisdom teeth don’t have room to grow, they can come in sideways or even remain trapped beneath the gum, leading to pain and infection. When the jaws aren’t big enough to support these wisdom teeth, the rest of one's teeth become impacted. Wisdom teeth may also only partially erupt through the gums, leaving a flap of tissue open for food and bacteria to become trapped, which also increases risk of infection. In more serious cases, infection or damage to the bone in the jaw can occur in those with impacted wisdom teeth. 

How Do You Tell If You Need Wisdom Tooth Extractions, And What Is The Process Like?

With an oral exam and x-rays, we can evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and advise whether extraction is necessary. Using state of the art technology and the safest sedation protocols including IV sedation, we’re dedicated to maximizing patient comfort. Before your wisdom teeth are removed, we will administer a local anesthesia to numb the area. In some cases, sedation dentistry will also be used to help relax the patient during their procedure. To remove the wisdom teeth we will open up the gums and remove the bone that covers the wisdom tooth. Then we will cut the tooth into pieces to make it easier to remove. If the wisdom teeth have fully erupted, then only a simple extraction is required (in which the teeth are pulled using forceps). Once the teeth are removed we will stitch up the gums. In many cases these stitches will dissolve over time. After the stitches have been placed, we will place a gauze pad over the areas to stop bleeding.

What Is Recovery From Wisdom Tooth Extractions Like?

The recovery period for a wisdom tooth extraction is fairly fast, lasting only a couple of days. We will prescribe painkillers to take as needed for discomfort or pain. You will also need to follow a soft-food diet. You can slowly reintroduce more solid foods to your diet as your mouth begins to heal. We will provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts for after your wisdom tooth surgery to avoid dry socket, which is when the clots that form after surgery get dislodged and expose the bone. This condition is extremely painful, so it's best for you to follow our post-op instructions closely!

Illustration of impacted Wisdom Tooth for Extractions, Waterloo, ON

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